From Social to Cyber Justice

Critical Views on Justice, Law and Ethics

Marek Hrubec, Nythamar de Oliveira, Emil Sobottka (eds.)

The book contains critical analyses of injustice in connection to law and ethics, and develops normative alternatives linked to justice. It covers the relevant issues from social justice to cyber justice. The chapters address issues and concepts which guideline on social innovations, transformations inherent in democratizing processes, global conflicts and other interactions, including the ultimate danger of escalation to war conflicts, be they conventional wars or new cyberwars.

The volume includes chapters from renowned philosophers and social scientists. While the book contains also analyses of authors from Western Europe, the specific contribution of the book is that it allows for the enrichment of global discussions from other perspectives, particularly from Latin America and Central Europe. It is now more evident than ever before that it is impossible to formulate a critical concept of global in/justice without the participation of colleagues from many parts of the world.



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publikace From Social to Cyber Justice
published: 20th April 2018
copublisher: PUCRS, Porto Alegre
437 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-80-7007-515-9
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