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Latest news

28 February, 2023. See our Publishing Plan for 2023 (in Czech)! 

21 February, 2023. Filosofia is celebrating its 30th anniversary! The year 2023 marks 30 years since the first book under the "Filosofia" brand has been published. To make our readers happy on the occasion, all our publications available at the e-shop of the Institute of Philosophy will be 30 percent off for the whole "month of books", March, 2023!


About the Filosofia publishing house

The Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences published the first book under the "Filosofia" brand in 1993. We publish not only original scientific and popular educational works in the field of philosophy and related humanities, but also Czech translations of major global works from these fields. We have published well over 500 titles so far, with about thirty other high-quality works being added every year, some of which are published in English or other world languages.

All our publications are reviewed. We meticulously supervise the editorial and technical editing of our books as well as their typographic and general graphic design.

The flagship series of the Filosofia Publishing House include the series The Study and Sources of the History of Thought in the Czech Lands, Philosophy and Social Sciences, Today's World, and Basic Philosophical Texts.

We wish you many hours of good reading!