Acta Comeniana series

The Acta Comeniana series ties into the Archive for Research on the Life and Work of J. A. Comenius, published since 1910. Since the mid-1990’s, Acta Comeniana has begun exploring the wider issue of the intellectual history of the early modern times, and today its review section plays an important role in researching the cultural and intellectual history of early modern times. More information is available on the website of the Comeniology Department.

Acta Comeniana is indexed in the following scientific databases: SCOPUS (Elzevier), ERIH (European Reference Index for the Humanities), CEJSH (Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities), and EBSCO.

The series is managed by Vladimír Urbánek (editor-in-chief) and Lucie Storchová.

Publications are in English and German, alternatively, in French.

title author published
Acta Comeniana 35 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 21st February 2023
Acta Comeniana 34 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 28th February 2022
Acta Comeniana 33 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 21st August 2020
Acta Comeniana 32 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 22nd April 2020
Acta Comeniana 31 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 14th June 2019
Acta Comeniana 30 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 2018
Acta Comeniana 29 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 6th April 2017
Acta Comeniana 28 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 7th March 2016
Acta Comeniana 27 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 25th March 2015
Acta Comeniana 26 Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 13th December 2013
Acta Comeniana 25 Marta Bečková, Lucie Storchová, Vladimír ... 1st October 2012
Acta Comeniana 24 Marta Bečková, Lucie Storchová, Vladimír ... 29th August 2011
Acta Comeniana 22-23 Marie Bečková, Lucie Storchová, Vladimír ... 9th February 2010
Acta Comeniana 19 Marta Bečková, Lenka Řezníková, Vladimír ... 13th September 2009
Acta Comeniana 20-21 Marta Bečková, Lucie Storchová, Vladimír ... 6th January 2009
Acta Comeniana 18 Marta Bečková, Lenka Řezníková, Vladimír ... 2004
Acta Comeniana 17 Marta Bečková, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 2003
Acta Comeniana 15-16 Marta Bečková, Lenka Řezníková, Vladimír ... 2002
Acta Comeniana 14 Marta Bečková, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 2000
Acta Comeniana 13 Marta Bečková, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.) ... 1999
Acta Comeniana 12 Vladimír Urbánek (ed.) 1997
Acta Comeniana 11 Vladimír Urbánek (ed.) 1995
Acta Comeniana 10 Marta Bečková (ed.) 1993