Kontradikce / Contradictions series

This annual bilingual publication is a medium dedicated to scientific research and discussions on the history and present of critical social thinking in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as on “post-communist” situations in other parts of the world that have affected the collapse of communist party governments.

The publication’s editor-in-chief is Joseph Grim Feinberg. For more information visit the journal's webpage.

Publications are in Czech, Slovak, and English.

title author published
Kontradikce / Contradictions 1-2/2022 (6. ročník) Daniel Rosenhaft Swain, Monika Woźniak ( ... 8th March 2023
Kontradikce / Contradictions 1-2/2021 (5. ročník) Kristina Andělová, Petr Kužel, Jan Merva ... 24th January 2022
Kontradikce / Contradictions 1-2/2020 (4. ročník) Ľubica Kobová et al. (ed.) 21st April 2021
Kontradikce / Contradictions 1-2/2019 (3. ročník) Joseph Grim Feinberg et al. (ed.) 9th July 2020
Kontradikce / Contradictions 1-2/2018 (2. ročník) Joseph Grim Feinberg et al. (ed.) 20th February 2019
Kontradikce / Contradictions 1-2/2017 (1. ročník) Joseph Grim Feinberg et al. (ed.) 6th December 2017