Today’s World (Dnešní svět) series

This series mainly specializes in translations of books by contemporary world philosophers who rigorously discuss topics of social interest while keeping it comprehensible and readable at the same time. These include such topics as the nature and program of contemporary responsible political thought; the role of humanitarian education in a society dominated by economic imperatives; transformations of secularism and spirituality in the post-secular world; gender prejudices and legitimate goals of feminist policy; the relationship of multiculturalism and moral universalism; the immigration crisis and clashes of cultures; war, its moral limits and alternatives; ethical dilemmas of modern biotechnology; and (as relevant) the moral status of animals and ecological ethics. Individual volumes should be of interest to the general public.

The series is run by Tomáš Hříbek (editor-in-chief), Hynek Janoušek, and Ondřej Beran.

Publications are in Czech.

title author published
Etika umělé inteligence Mark Coeckelbergh 25th May 2023
Lepší než člověk Allen Buchanan 22nd April 2022
Konspirační teorie Quassim Cassam 10th February 2021
Duch ateismu André Comte-Sponville 9th December 2020
Pravda v době populismu Tony Milligan 3rd December 2019
Etika klimatické změny James Garvey 3rd December 2018
Mýtus o Marsu a Venuši Deborah Cameronová 19th March 2018
Ne pro zisk Martha C. Nussbaumová 30th August 2017
O přistěhovalectví a uprchlících Michael Dummett 30th November 2016
Darwinovská levice Peter Singer 21st June 2016