Kontradikce / Contradictions 1-2/2019

Časopis pro kritické myšlení / A Journal for Critical Thought

Joseph Grim Feinberg a kol. (ed.)

This bilingual annual journal is devoted to original research and theoretical reflection on the history and present of critical social thought in Central and Eastern Europe, and on the "post-communist" situation in all parts of the world that have been influenced by the end of Communist Party rule in Europe. The journal's third volume brings texts by R. Rockwell on Marcuse and Kosík, M. Woźniak on Siemek and Ilyenkov, J. Holba on Bondy, J. Svoboda on Masaryk, J. M. Shields on Buddhism and Marxism, L. Sochor on "actually existing socialism," N. Karkov on autonomist Marxism in Eastern Europe, N. Chomsky on dissent, and J. Rancière on fiction. A special thematic section presents critical approaches to civil society and citizenship by J. Walton, V. Stoyanova, J. Grim Feinberg, O. Holub, E. Isin, N. Awan, Zd. Mlynář, and M. Kusý.


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publikace Kontradikce / Contradictions 1-2/2019
published: 9th July 2020
616 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-80-7007-618-7
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