Acta Comeniana 33

Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.)

The articles in this volume of Acta Comeniana focus on different aspects of learned communication in the 16th and 17th centuries. Gábor Almási compares familiar style in the Humanist Latin and vernacular correspondence. Kristi Viiding analyses rhetorical strategies of the letters exchanged between Johannes Caselius and David Hilchen. Marta Vaculínová discusses correspondence betwen two orientalists Christoph Crinesius and Sebastian Tengnagel. Lucie Storchová explores Comenius’s strategies of building his correspondence network in the 1630s. Kaidi Kriisa focuses on multilingual practices of using Latin and vernacular langauages in the works of Friedrich Menius, the first professor of history at the Academy of Dorpat. The last article by Ondřej Podavka deals with corpus of letters exchanged between Jesuit historian Bohuslav Balbín and Lutheran scholar Alois Hackenschmidt. The volume includes five reviews and one review article by Jan Horský discussing Lenka Řezníková’s book on early modern literary representations of evidentia. 

In English and German.


Excerpts (in pdf):


publikace Acta Comeniana 33
published: 21st August 2020
169 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-80-7007-636-1
series: Acta Comeniana / volume 33
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