Worlds without People

The “Inhuman” in Contemporary Philosophy

Ondřej Váša (ed.)

This special issue enters into worlds without people, and embarks on images that are above all testimonies to the failure of sight, thought, or ethics. At least human one. We have chosen artistic, game, film, and media images that present to us the manifestations of the inhuman: whether creatures, or a world that excludes human beings as something unbecoming. In the now quite rich and complex terrain of transhumanism, or various versions of post-humanism, however, we have also focused on those momenrs that re constitutive of humans today: that is, the moments that critically expose us to our own inhumanity, and place before us the demand for a new ontology.


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publikace Worlds without People
published: 24th January 2024
211 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-80-7007-763-4
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