Between Words and Worlds

A Festschrift for Pavel Materna

T. Childers, J. Palomäki (eds.)

The book was published in honor of the 70th birthday of the prominent logician Pavel Materna. The publication presents a brief profile of the celebrant and a collection of essays from the field of logic, philosophy, and linguistics: the fields on which he focuses his professional interest. Much of the paper is devoted to the questions of building and applying transparent intensional logic, a system that Pavel Materna has devoted a large part of his life to developing and promoting. Acknowledged domestic and foreign experts also contributed to the book, such as P. Cmorej, J. M. Font, P. Hájek, E. Hájičová, P. Sgall, J. Peregrin, G. Oddie, G. Sandu, K. Segerberg, O. Sundholm, and J. Woleński.


Published ten or more years ago, therefore, the price has been reduced to half.

publikace Between Words and Worlds
published: 2000
216 pages, paperback
ISBN 80-7007- 140-0
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