Acta Comeniana 35

Lucie Storchová, Vladimír Urbánek (eds.)

The volume contains five studies, one review article and reviews related to the intellectual history of the early modern period. L. Řezníková (Prague) focuses on the function of metaphors in Comenius' historical theory and narration. J. Malura (Prague/Ostrava) examines historiographic accounts of the Estates Uprising and the Bohemian War from the point of view of the narrative representations of the social crisis. R. Újlaki (Budapest) analyses the religious identity of the Transylvanian Sabbatarians at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries in terms of their relationship to Passover/Easter. Z. Žalud and M. Králová (Prague) discuss the phenomenon of the "Lutheran Lourdes" in Hornhausen, Saxony, and append to their study an edition of a letter by the physician Jan Marcus Marci. N. Mout (Leiden) analyses the scholarly commemorations and celebrations of Comenius in the Netherlands in 1892, 1970 and 1992. P. Pavlas’s (Prague) review article deals with recent research on Ramism and Cartesianism, especially Howard Hotson's new book.

In English. The studies are accompanied by English abstracts and Czech summaries.


Excerpts (in pdf):


publikace Acta Comeniana 35
published: 21st February 2023
226 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-80-7007-749-8
series: Acta Comeniana / volume 35
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