Europaeana Pragensia series

This series was founded in 2009 and is overseen by the Collegium Europaeum, Faculty of Arts of the Charles University, and by the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences. As part of cooperation between the Filosofia Publishing House and the Faculty of Arts Publishing House of the Charles University in Prague, it publishes peer-reviewed collective monographs focusing on the Czech and Central European context of the history of European thought and on European intellectual history in general. It also includes a sub-series entitled Historia Franciscana, a publishing platform for the study of Franciscan intellectual and cultural history.

The series is managed by Petr Hlaváček, Collegia Europaeum coordinator.

Publications are in Czech and in English or German as relevant.

title author published
Proměny františkánské tradice Petr Hlaváček et al. 17th December 2019
Jeroným Pražský Ota Pavlíček (ed.) 28th March 2018
Fenomén františkánství v interakci s "jinakos ... Petr Hlaváček, Vladimír Liščák, Ctirad V ... 15th December 2016
VIA MEDIA Petr Hlaváček, David R. Holeton, Peter M ... 14th December 2016
Mitteleuropa? Johann P. Arnason, Petr Hlaváček, Stefan ... 25th February 2015
(In)tolerance v evropských dějinách / (In)toleranc ... Petr Hlaváček et al. 1st December 2011
Bruncvík a víla / Bruncwik und die Nymphe Heinz Duchhardt, Winfried Eberhard, Petr ... 17th May 2010
Františkánství v kontaktech s jiným a cizím Petr R. Beneš, Petr Hlaváček, Ctirad V. ... 24th November 2009